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Pete Feigal is a nationally known artist who specializes in the rare technique of pointillism. It is a painstaking process where the art is made up entirely by dots. It takes about 100 hours to complete just one design and the detail is incredible. Pete is able to make drawings look like photographs using only white paper and black ink. The process may be slow, but Pete likes to draw things that go FAST! Motorcycles, Warbirds, Classic Cars, Flying Squirrels- anything that MOVES! (Hence the name Art That Moves). The historical accuracy in Pete's work is without compare. In fact, Pete Feigal is being inducted into Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame as their Artist of the Year, 2006, for the impressive detail and accuracy of his aviation artwork. Pete's art is everywhere, it's featured in Museums, and aviation gift shops, in Warbirds and other WW II aircraft, in Dentist's offices, under flight suits, and over toddlers, as the ultimate airshow apparel, and on the backs of burly bikers blazing down the byways! (Hence the name Art That Moves). Most of Pete's artwork is available beautifully silkscreened with ultra fine screens onto the highest quality dress shirts and t-shirts so that everyone is able to enjoy this amazing art. We have tons of classic warbirds like the P-51, P-38, B-17, Spitfire and the Corsair, we have an old school motorcycle or two, and the occasional scantily clad woman (hey, it's nose art, it's historical!) OK, enough with the infomercial. Bottom line- we have the highest quality shirts, beautiful lithographed cards and prints, and the most incredible art around!