B-17 “Father Into Thy Hands...

U.S. causalities in World War II were severe. 418,500 died of all causes, 670,845 were wounded and 130,201 Americans were captured and made Prisoners of War (POWs).

At the very least, 100,000 of our young Army Air Corps, Navy and Marine flyers perished in those deadly skies.

“Father into thy hands...” depicts a bomber crew kneeling in prayer before a mission. Our young men faced death every time they left the ground from enemy fire, bad weather, accidents, equipment failure, and a hundred other ways. Yet each time they were asked, they strapped themselves into their aircraft, left the ground and with courage and skill completed their missions and won a world war, even at the cost of their lives. The only way we can ever thank them enough for their lives and suffering is by never forgetting them and their heroic service and sacrifice.20We must always remember.


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